Jinja2 Cache Busting URLs in Python

Cache busting is a technique the gives web developers a compromise between asset load speeds and new features. In this article, we’ll discuss a pure Python way of implementing this feature in your Jinja2 templates.

virtualenvwrapper-win "No module named pip"

If you use virtualenvwrapper on Windows, you may have come across an issue where the environment cannot be created properly due to “ImportError: No module named pip”

Django and Cripsy Form Login with Icons

I recently created a website using the very nice Edge template for a new Django site. The log in form was nice, but I wanted a form with icons and no labels. Here’s how I did it…

Testing Pipelined Static Content

After working quite hard on my pre and post Hugo pipeline, I needed a way to test the actual content that will be pushed to the server. Python (once again) to the rescue!

Create a Post Date/Time with Python

I like to create draft posts as kind of markers for things I want to write about in the future. Unfortunately, when I do a hugo new post..., the current date is already put in the front matter for me. That’s really handy if I’m posting right away, but not so much if I have a draft for a really long time.