Jinja2 Cache Busting URLs in Python

Cache busting is a technique the gives web developers a compromise between asset load speeds and new features. In this article, we’ll discuss a pure Python way of implementing this feature in your Jinja2 templates.

Windows, Git, and SSH Keys

Git has the ability to use SSH keys in order to authenticate communications with a remote server. This is a magical thing! Depending on how you set it up, you may never have to enter your password again.

Cloudflare with GitHub Pages

I recently changed my GitHub pages setup to incorporate the use of CloudFlare, because, why not?

NOTE: If you don’t have a domain, or don’t care about CDN/Caching, the instructions below are pointless! Just point people to https://<username>.github.io!

virtualenvwrapper-win "No module named pip"

If you use virtualenvwrapper on Windows, you may have come across an issue where the environment cannot be created properly due to “ImportError: No module named pip”

Django and Cripsy Form Login with Icons

I recently created a website using the very nice Edge template for a new Django site. The log in form was nice, but I wanted a form with icons and no labels. Here’s how I did it…

Testing Pipelined Static Content

After working quite hard on my pre and post Hugo pipeline, I needed a way to test the actual content that will be pushed to the server. Python (once again) to the rescue!

Create a Post Date/Time with Python

I like to create draft posts as kind of markers for things I want to write about in the future. Unfortunately, when I do a hugo new post..., the current date is already put in the front matter for me. That’s really handy if I’m posting right away, but not so much if I have a draft for a really long time.

Nginx Proxy for GitHub Pages

Nginx is my favorite web server. I find it much easier to configure and use than Apache. If you believe the hype, it’s also faster and consumes fewer resources. That’s really not the point of this article, however.

Wordpress XML to Hugo MD

I’ve had a personal family blog in one form of another since 2002.